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Water Quality Reports

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), requires public water supply systems to provide a yearly Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to their customers. These reports provide consumers information about their drinking water and are a guide to the quality and safety of the water provided by Southern Iowa Rural Water Association (SIRWA). They also are meant to improve public health protection by providing educational material to allow consumers to make educated decisions regarding any potential health risks pertaining to the quality and treatment of their drinking water supply. Your water is thoroughly treated and has been tested for harmful and potentially harmful substances and has met or exceeded drinking water quality standards set by the US EPA and the State of Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IA DNR). The US EPA and IA DNR set drinking water standards to define the limits of contaminants considered safe for drinking water. These levels are based on studies of the health effects associated with each contaminant and include a sufficient safety margin to ensure that water meeting these standards is safe for nearly everyone to drink. SIRWA purchases and redistributes its water supply from five sources. Your upcoming June bill will include a web page link specifically for the supply source of your water; which can be viewed and printed from our website. CCR reports are also available at our office or customers may request a copy to be mailed to them if they are interested.