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Voluntary Water Conservation

Press Release

June 19, 2023

The Creston Waterworks is currently experiencing capacity issues at its 12 Mile Water Treatment Plant.  In order to ensure we can provide the proper volume of water to the City of Creston and SIRWA, we are asking all customers to voluntarily reduce their water consumption.  Voluntary practices that will help include reduction in lawn watering, only washing your car as necessary, reduction in filling of a swimming pool, etc.  

The Creston Waterworks is having issues getting enough capacity through its carbon filters.  This issue in combination with a lingering drought have made it difficult to meet peak day demand. An engineering firm has been hired to investigate the problem, but until the investigation is complete, we are requesting a voluntary reduction in water use.

If you have any questions, please call Steve Guthrie at the Waterworks Office at 641-782-5817 or email him at sguthrie@crestonwaterworks.com