Treatment Plant Project

Please check here for the latest progress on our Treatment Plant, 1M gallon tower, & related infrastucture! The current estimated competion date is December of 2023!

Construction has started on SIRWA’s new water treatment plant located a few miles east of Creston, on the north side of Hwy 34. 

Hawkins Construction, Omaha Nebraska was low bidder for Division 1, which is the water treatment plant at $46,157,000.  Shane Poe Construction, Downing, Mo., was the low bidder for Division 2, the pipeline and associated appurtenances, for a total of $8,108,835.  Low bidder for Division 3, the one-million-gallon water tower, was Maguire Iron, Inc, Sioux Fall, S. Dakota, for $2,855,000.  The total construction cost for the treatment plant and related infrastructure upgrades comes in at $57,120,835.

With engineering, legal services, inspection, land purchases, contingencies, etc. the total funding package is $65,585,000.  SIRWA is borrowing the funds from United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development (USDA-RD) at 1 3/8% interest over a forty-year loan term.

The new treatment plant will have a capacity to treat water at 6.0 Million Gallons per Day (6 MGD).  SIRWA has built additional capacity into the piping inside the plant so it can be expanded by an additional 2.0 MGD for an 8.0 MGD plant, if needed in the future.